Friday, February 29, 2008

We're recovering..........

We're finally recovering from the flu. Rick was suppose to be gone for a few days to Mexico for work and it turned into 10 days. Ugh. During that time Gloria went into the hospital for the flu and four of the kids had double ear infections with bronchitis. I had to give them all breathing treatments. It has been a looooonggg 10 days. Rick's back home and the kids are happy. Here's praying for spring!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Justin's "Owee show-der"!

Well it's finally happened. The first broken bone for all of our kids. Justin broke his clavicle bone on the right side. He was jumping from the recliner in the living room and fell on his shoulder. We weren't sure whether to bring him in or not because he could move his arm ok but wouldn't lift it. He also had a little bump on the shoulder that just didn't seem right. Rick took him in to the new Metro Hospital and they really didn't think it was broken either. Justin was really fussy and Rick said they kind of acted like he was just a pain for crying. Once they found out it was broken; then they all came in to say "Oh- you poor thing" etc. and they gave him a popsicle. He has to wear the sling for 4-6 weeks. Can you imagine how much he likes it? He calls it his "owee show-der" if anyone asks what's wrong.