Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Random pictures....

The day we took Logan home. Kids have their big sister/brother shirts on.

Olivia's Latest Catastrophe.......

Sorry it's been so long since the last post. Olivia has kept me quite busy. Almost two weeks ago Olivia had her biopsy done on her left thigh. Her neurologist felt like it was time to finally do it since we were putting it off for the past few years. Up until the stroke she was fairly controlled with meds alone. The surgery day was terrible for Olivia and for me! There was no real way to prepare her for surgery since she really doesn't understand any of it, but she knew something was going on when we got to the hospital and she was scared. Because she was so scared, she was acting out TERRIBLE. She was screaming and kicking at anyone who came near her and when no one was in the room but me, she would cry that she wanted to go home. We arrived at the hospital at 9:00 AM for a 10:30 surgery which she never got until 3:30 because of legal complications. Because she is in limbo in the courts and we have not adopted yet, they would not let me sign the paperwork for the surgery. The whole process was hell for me. I have raised her since she was two years old, we have spent literally over 30 days in the hospital with her but I CAN'T sign a paper for a biopsy. UGH! Anyway, surgery went well and we were home that night.

Fast forward two weeks to Memorial Day. Olivia has been healing well and the stitches are still in place. The steri strips fell off after a week which was our first hurdle because she tried to pick at them all the time. Yesterday I went to the store and Rick was home with all the kids. He called me in a panic that Olivia fell and ripped out ALL of her sutures! He was really upset because he couldn't get the bleeding to stop at first. I rushed home and he took her to Zeeland Hospital ER. They really didn't do anything because the wound was so bad. They put a dressing on it and told us to see our pediatrician in the morning. We went to see her and she took one look and wanted to call the surgeon for advice. Now we are going to see the surgeon tomorrow to see what to do with it. Luckily she has not complained of pain.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Isaac turned 7 on Sunday and we had his party on Saturday. It was a nice sunny day. Luckily for everyone who attended that Rick was cooking meat for the Blessing Of the Bikes. We were going to have Italian sausages and sloppy joes, but instead we ate pulled pork, ribs and prime rib. I made baked beans and coleslaw as well. Everyone had a great time. Isaac got a lot of nice gifts, including two new nintendo ds games and money for a third new one.