Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Picture Day

Two weeks ago we made the trip to Sears to have pictures taken of all the kids. We are so long overdue that it's embarrassing. This summer I hope to have Nicole take pics of the whole family. So here is the story of what happened BEFORE the pics were taken: I was pushing Olivia in the single stroller because she couldn't walk very good yet after the stroke, Isaac had Savanna by the hand and they were walking in between us. Rick was last with Justin and Logan in the double stroller. Isaac was in such a rush to get in the door that he decided it would be faster to push Savanna rather than drag her by the hand. She fell of course and he fell on top of her. We were LITERALLY entering the building to get the pics done. Poor Savanna was hurt, her face was all cut up and she had blood on her shirt. Poor Isaac felt really bad and he skinned his elbow plus put a hole in his jeans. Rick and I were upset at the time because why couldn't it have happened on the way out; but we laugh now because we will always remember that day. Here is Savanna with her "owee chin" and the final picture.

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Anonymous said...

Oh the memories you and Rick will always have. Great story and the picture is so beautiful. Those babies are adorable.
See ya soon Kel
Love Aunt Pam